Launcher Check Version Added & More QoL Adjustments

It is now possible to check the latest version of both Launcher and Speeder (i.e., the selected game) by clicking the "Check for Update" button. If Launcher is out of date, Speeder will provide you with a link to download the latest version. This allows you to update Launcher without having to redownload the entire .zip file. Because Speeders are individualized for each user, you will still need to download Speeder manually from your MEGA folder.

Launcher will now always copy the .exe version of Speeder into the config.txt directory regardless of whether it exists there already or not. This simplifies the update process because all you have to do is download the updated Speeder(s) into the same folder as Launcher.

Essentially, with this update, anytime you have to download something (e.g., Speeder, Driver, Launcher itself), you can always place it in the same folder as Launcher, and it will always work.

For this particular update, however, you will still need to download the full .zip to update Launcher: Downloads - Speeder Cheats.

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