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Is the Speeder for [insert game here] currently working?

Yes. If you are able to purchase the Speeder, it is working. In situations where a Speeder stops working or there is a problem with it, we temporarily discontinue sales for that game. Please understand that small periods of downtimes are possible when the game is updated.

How do I know the Speeder for [insert game here] is legitimate?

Realistically, it is impossible to 100% prove the validity of any Speeder without you yourself using it. What we can do is provide videos for each game (see top menu), showcasing Speeder’s features. We can also direct you to our Buy Me a Coffee pages for FFXIV and BDO, on which you can see the hundreds of people currently using our tools. Finally, we do provide refunds if you are unable to get a particular Speeder to work.

What are the ban rates?

None of our programs are detected. We consider it our main responsibility to keep it this way. Although we cannot go into full detail about what we do, we recompile and revirtualize our programs every week. On top of this, each person receives an individual version of the program and an individual driver (for games with anticheats). Some Speeders even come in both .exe and .dll form, allowing you to inject them into any process you wish and making them extremely difficult to find.

Each Speeder comes with a guide that has a “Safety” section. In this section, you will find all the sanity checks that a game may have. Sanity checks include things like checking a player’s speed for movement speed hacking, checking a player’s attack speed, etc. It is important to stay under the values listed in the Safety section so that you do not trigger these checks.

Do you offer a free trial?

No. Each person receives an individualized driver to avoid detection, and it would be a huge waste of time to compile drivers for people for free, not to mention dangerous.

The FFXIV and ESO Speeders are exceptions in that they do not require drivers, but they are already cheap enough where we don’t feel a free trial is necessary. The FFXIV Speeder has been around forever, and most people know it works.

Where do I download the Speeder I just purchased?

Every time we write a post for a particular game, the current version of Speeder is attached to that post. All you have to do is click on the most recent post for the game you purchased a Speeder for, and you will see a large download link. You will also receive a link to this post via email within one minute of purchase. A third link to this post can be found in the Speeder guide for the associated game under the installation section.

What new features are you going to add?

It can be the case that we stumble on something extraordinary and are able to greatly expand the functionality of a particular Speeder in a single day, or it could take months, or there may be nothing at all. Whatever the case may be, we dislike promising that a particular feature will be added until we have tried and tested it. When you are deciding whether you purchase a particular Speeder, please consider only the features currently available. We do not release Speeders until we are already confident in their utility.

You can always check each game’s page for an updated list of features.

Do you have a Discord server?

Yes, and each Speeder has its own set of channels. The Discord server is private, however, to comply with Discord’s ToS and is meant only for active members. If you are not an active member and need to contact us, please send us an email at [email protected]. If you are an active member, you can link your Discord account via the Account page. If you have purchased a membership on Buy Me a Coffee, you can use the same email on this site, although you will need to reset your password.

Why did my Discord role get removed?

We don’t know, but what we do know is that you just need to disconnect and reconnect your Discord account on the Account page. Obviously, make sure you have an active membership.

Do you accept commissions and/or game requests?

Commissions, no. You are, of course, free to request a new feature be added to an already-existing Speeder, and we will do our best to accommodate the request if we believe it will benefit the general userbase (and if the request is possible). We do not ever request additional payment/commission for such things.

Game requests are welcome, but please understand we never agree to work on a new game just because someone asks us to. We treat game requests like polls to determine which game we should work on next. Often, we will not respond directly to game requests, but please know we do keep track of them and are not ignoring you.

Do you accept [insert payment method here]?

We accept the payment methods already established on the site. Any other payment method is not accepted. If you do not have a credit/debit card (and cannot use Bitcoin for some reason), your best option would be a VISA/Mastercard prepaid debit card. These can be found all over the internet.

Please note that we do accept Google Pay and Apple Pay, but they will often only show up if you are paying from your phone.

How do I cancel/renew my subscription?

Recurring subscriptions can be canceled/renewed on the Account page. You will see a tab called “Subscriptions.” Click on it, and then you will see all your subscriptions with links to cancel/renew. When renewing, if it is easier, you can simply sign up for a new subscription and do not need to renew an old one.

Non-recurring subscriptions are available for every Speeder and do not need to be canceled (i.e., you will only be charged once).

What do I do if I have a problem?

If you are having a problem setting up a driver-based Speeder, please read the Problems section of the guide.

If you are having a problem setting up FFXIV Speeder, please read the Problems section of the FFXIV guide.

If you are having a problem setting up ESO Speeder, please read the Problems section of the ESO guide.

If your problem is not listed, please contact us. Providing screenshots of the problem is immensely helpful.