Wayfinder Cheats, Hacks, & Bots

wayfinder cheats, hacks, and bots

Wayfinder Cheat Features

  • Attack speed hack
  • Movement speed hack
  • No cooldown hack
  • Teleportation (via keybind or to specific x,y,z coordinates)
  • Lock position
  • Flying (hold key to fly)
  • Max zoom hack
  • Macro functionality (set speeds to specific keys/abilities, auto-activate cooldowns, etc.)
  • Auto-potion
  • Infinite stamina/dodge hack
  • Free movement hack (ability to move while blocking and attacking)

Wayfinder Speeder Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • CPU: Any

Wayfinder Speeder Security

  • The Wayfinder Speeder was designed for the original version of Wayfinder, which had Easy Anti-Cheat. As such, it has numerous security features that are completely unnecessary. Nevertheless, I do not have the time or interest to reprogram it, so they will remain in place for the foreseeable future.
  • Individualized, unique driver emailed to you within five minutes of purchase.
  • Individualized, packed, virtualized, mutated, and signed version of the Wayfinder cheat emailed to you within five minutes of purchase.
  • No GUI or suspicious strings.
  • The Wayfinder cheat comes with a readme that explains how to configure it and safety instructions to ensure your usage of the hack is as secure as possible.

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Additional Wayfinder Cheat Info

Another Unreal Engine 4 game, Wayfinder is extremely hackable in its current state. There are few server checks for anything consequential. My sense is that they will eventually implement some cheat mitigation beyond EAC, but right now, the Wayfinder Speeder allows you to obliterate basically everything.

Speeder Cheats respects “Wayfinder” as a registered trademark and uses it solely to describe what the cheat can be used for. It has no bearing on the cheat or the cheat’s name (“Speeder”).

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Wayfinder Speeder - Initial Features
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