Diablo IV Cheats, Hacks, & Bots

diablo iv cheats, hacks, and bots

Diablo IV Cheat Features

  • Zoom hack (zoom camera out as far as you want)
  • ESP hack (see mobs through terrain, increase size of loot/gathering objects, and more)
  • Auto-potion
  • Auto-attack
  • Auto-target nearby mobs/players/objects/loot/potions
  • Auto-salvage/sell/store inventory items
  • Automate your entire rotation with a single key (or no key at all if botting)
  • Lock cursor to your current target
  • Auto-detect status effects (e.g. stun) and react accordingly
  • Botting features (see video)
    • Create waymark routes, search for surrounding mobs, auto-click on loot/mobs, completely automate your rotation to kill nearby mobs, and more. Although Speeder is perfectly capable of reading pixels if you want, Speeder is NOT a pixel bot and reads the game's data for 100% accuracy.
  • Macro features (see video)
    • Program abilities to fire based off HP, MP (Spirit, Fury, etc.), timers (cooldowns), the type of target, the distance to your target, the number of surrounding mobs, the angle of the closest mob, the distance of the closest mob, current status effects, and more.
    • Macros are included with Speeder and posted on Discord and in the Forum.

Diablo IV Speeder Requirements

  • Game version: All
  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • CPU: Any

Diablo IV Speeder Security

  • Individualized, unique driver emailed to you within five minutes of purchase.
  • Individualized, packed, virtualized, mutated, and signed version of the Diablo IV cheat emailed to you within five minutes of purchase.
  • No GUI or suspicious strings.
  • The Diablo IV cheat comes with a readme that explains how to configure it and safety instructions to ensure your usage of the hack is as secure as possible.

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Additional Diablo IV Cheat Info

Diablo IV has server checks for pretty much everything, so the main advantages you will gain from the Diablo IV Speeder cheat are related to automation and macros. The Diablo IV Speeder can, for example, completely automate your rotation, your clicks, and your target so that you do not need to do anything other than sit back and watch. You will attack far more efficiently than you would otherwise (and save your mouse in the process!).

Of course, you can also create a self-sustaining bot that plays the game for you. If you are interested in doing this, please check out the videos so you have a general idea of how it works. Speeder is not an inaccurate pixel bot and instead reads the game's memory, so it knows exactly where you are and exactly how to move you from point A to B. It can also detect nearby mobs and objects and attack accordingly.

Speeder Cheats respects “Diablo” as a registered trademark and uses it solely to describe what the cheat can be used for. It has no bearing on the cheat or the cheat’s name (“Speeder”).

Diablo IV Speeder Videos

Diablo IV Speeder - ESP & Zoom Hack
Diablo IV Speeder - Macro Features
Diablo IV Speeder - Necromancer!
Diablo IV Speeder - Initial Features
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