Final Fantasy XIV Cheats, Hacks, and Bots

final fantasy xiv cheats, hacks, and bots

Final Fantasy XIV Cheat Features

Combat Cheats

  • allows for casting while moving,
  • removes/adjusts the 500ms delay between abilities (easy double- & triple-weaving),
  • reduces GCD by an assignable amount,
  • reduces oGCDs/cooldowns by assignable amounts,
  • removes movement effects from sleep, stun, bind, etc.,
  • removes animation lock for abilities such as limit breaks, assassinate, DRG jumps, gap closers, and more,
  • hacks a player’s movement speed to any value with an auto-adjustment for buffs/debuffs and mounts,
  • reduces cast times by an adjustable amount,
  • allows for instant mudras (adjustable),
  • teleports your character to your current target's target circle (i.e., infinite gap closers),
  • teleports your character behind currently targeted mob to prevent auto-attacks & ability activation (extremely useful in deep dungeons!)
  • increases max camera distance and field of view,
  • increases the target circle of mobs and players to allow for more distant casting/ability activation (huge benefit for melee),
  • saves and automatically loads waymarks for each instance,
  • overlays a radar of nearby mobs and objects (toggleable),
  • locks character position to prevent knockbacks, draw-ins, confusions, terrors, etc. by holding down an assigned key,
  • automatically prevent knockbacks as if you had used a knockback-cancel ability,
  • allows for the teleportation of one’s character to anywhere in a zone, including to any of the six waymarks, under/over the zone, and to the cursor on the map, through the use of keybinds,
  • allows for the teleportation of one's character to your current cursor position,
  • allows for the ability to walk through the air,
  • allows for the ability to walk through objects and walls (i.e. no-clip),
  • queues macros as if they were regular abilities with the ability to create "Speeder" macros that can do an endless number of things.
  • reminds players when durability of equipped gear drops below assignable amount,
  • auto-sorts inventory,
  • auto-repairs and auto-extracts materia,
  • allows for the ability to create various triggers that can display overlay text, move waymarks in the middle of combat, activate macros, activate scripts, use abilities, avoid gaze attacks, and more,
  • places waymarks at exact x, y, z coordinates, even during battle,
  • quickly fills out and/or refreshes a party finder listing,
  • prevents right clicks from changing target during combat (this is more useful than you know!),
  • prevents sliding along ice (i.e. Shiva mechanic),
  • allows for the use of convenient, quality of life commands like /quickraise, which will raise anyone nearby, prioritizing healers and RDMs,
  • allows for the use of keybinds to determine your target’s/party’s FFLogs ranking,
  • auto-stuns nearby enemy players during PVP,

Market Board Botting

  • automatically adjusts prices on all retainers while AFK (on multiple characters if desired) with a bevy of options (min/max price, ignore/match specific retainers, etc.),
  • automatically lists items from inventory and/or retainer inventory while AFK,
  • automatically creates a Google spreadsheet of your items for sale,
  • checks average price of selected item without even having to use the Market Board,
  • sends retainers back out again while AFK,
  • automatically purchases specified items while AFK,
  • automatically trades between two characters,
  • automatically withdraws gil,

Gathering & Crafting Cheats

  • allows for instant materia melding,
  • allows for target canceling under any circumstance, resulting in the duping of hidden gathering items (and possibly others as well) and a much quicker disengage from a gathering point,
  • expedites/hacks certain crafting actions (buffs only),
  • eliminates delay between gathering/fishing attempts,


Housing Cheats

  • hacks the placement of furniture (furniture can be placed almost anywhere),

Other Cheats

  • shrinks & minimizes FFXIV to taskbar to lower GPU load,
  • renders only party members or no mobs at all to lower GPU load,
  • makes everyone naked,

and more!

FFXIV Speeder Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Regions: NA/EU/JP/OCE | Chinese | Korean

FFXIV Speeder Security

  • The FFXIV cheat comes with a readme that explains how to configure it and safety instructions to ensure your usage of the cheat is as secure as possible. Because Final Fantasy XIV does not employ an anticheat, there is very little to worry about.

Purchase FFXIV Speeder

Standard Monthly Membership (NA/EU/JP/OCE)

Standard Monthly Membership (Chinese)

Standard Monthly Membership (Korean)

Premium Monthly Membership (All)*

*There are no additional features for the Premium Membership. However, you do have access to the FFXIV Speeder in all regions, a special Discord role, & my gratitude. Many people have asked if they could support me more, and creating a new membership tier was the easiest way to do that. Thank you!

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