Speeder Utilities

Important Note

Unless otherwise stated, do NOT use any of these utilities while the game is running. Most of these utilities have legitimate uses and are not meant to be "cheats," but anticheat companies may be lazy and detect them anyway.

RawInput Detector

Detects all key presses and mouse activity from all sources, whether it be from a physical device or API like SendInput, and displays the associated device ID and name. Input from Windows API (such as SendInput) will not have an associated device and can raise suspicion among anticheats. Speeder sends all input from physical devices installed on your computer, so you do not need to worry about this. You can use this program to ensure that Speeder is sending input from an appropriate device. Ideally, you want Speeder to send input from the keyboard & mouse you are physically using. To change the mouse or keyboard, please consult the [Settings] section of the guide for the game you are playing.

For testing Speeder input while the game isn't running, use the -cmd console command to activate keys. For example:
-cmd s3000|81
This will press the Q key after three seconds. Assuming you are running RawInput Detector, you will be able to see the device used to press the key. Make sure to test the mouse as well with
-cmd s3000|1
for a left click.

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