QoL Improvements for All Speeders

All Speeders except ESO and FFXIV (they will be updated shortly) have been updated to use a new database and login server. Both of these are hosted by Cloudflare, which has servers all over the world. If you use the latest version of Speeder or Launcher, you'll notice that logging in is almost instantaneous.

Another perk is that Chinese users should no longer have issues logging in.

Although the FFXIV Speeder is not ready yet, it will also utilize the new database/server, and I have updated it so that it receives the addresses from the login server like every other Speeder. This means that, for most small game updates, you will no longer need to update Speeder. NA/EU/JP/OCE, Chinese, and Korean Speeders will also be consolidated into a single program.

Finally, I am aiming to switch everything over to the new database/server by next Sunday, a week from today. As such, please switch to the latest version of Speeder/Launcher by then. In the meantime, everything will work as normal.

As always, you can find the latest version of Speeder in your MEGA Folder, and the latest version of Launcher is in the game's .zip: https://speedercheats.vip/downloads/

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