Your membership includes:

  1. Access to download and use the Wuthering Waves cheat, hack, & bot tool, Wuthering Waves Speeder, for one month.* Once you have purchased the program, the download link for the cheat can be found here. You will also receive an email with the download link & instructions on how to set up your account. You can start using the Wuthering Waves hacks immediately after purchase.
  2. Access to the Wuthering Waves member-only channels on the Speeder Cheats Discord server.

At our sole discretion, if we are unable to get the Wuthering Waves hacks working for you, we will refund the full purchase price. We do not refund for any other reason. Thank you for understanding. If you have any problems with the Wuthering Waves cheats, please contact us via Discord or email.

*If you already have an active membership, a month will be added to the end of your current membership period.

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