FFXIV NA/EU/JP Many New Settings Added + Improvements

Look Away keybind/trigger has been adjusted so that you can begin casts while facing away.

New Character Hacks settings:

Allow All Movement — If ON, you will be able to move normally during jumps, gap closers, and many other things. This is a much improved version of the other two “Allow Movement . . .” hacks. It does not require WASD movement and works as though you are just running around like normal. Please be aware this affects many different things that normally freeze your movement (bosses moving your character, dungeon teleports, etc.). I recommend using the /freemove macro command rather than keeping this on all the time, though you may find some cool tricks with it.

Jump Height Increase — If not 0, Speeder will add this amount to your normal max jump height.

Check for Nearby Player Setting — If 0 (default), both gathering and movement speed hacks will be disabled when a player is nearby. If 1, only movement speed hacks will be disabled.

New Enhanced Macros command:

/freemove on — You will be able to move freely during gap closers & jumps. Use /freemove off to disable. Best used in conjunction with /abilitytarget2 and /sleep, such as:
/freemove on
/abilitytarget2 92 — this is for DRG Jump/High Jump
/sleep 1000
/freemove off

New Characters Hacks chat command:

/freemove* on|off — If on, gap closing & jump abilities will not freeze your character. This can be used in a macro such as:
/echo /freemove* on
/ac “Spineshatter Dive” <t>
/wait 1
/echo /freemove* off
You can thus have two macros, one for when you actually need the gap closer, and one for when you want free movement. If you want to use /freemove with a queued macro, see the /freemove Enhanced Macro command (i.e. without the asterisk).


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