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The FFXIV cheat comes with a readme that explains how to configure it and safety instructions to ensure your usage of the hack is as secure as possible. Because FFXIV does not employ an anticheat, there is very little to worry about.

Speeder Cheats respects “Final Fantasy XIV” as a registered trademark and uses it solely to describe what the cheat can be used for. It has no bearing on the cheat or the cheat’s name (“Speeder”).

Final Fantasy XIV Posts

Final Fantasy XIV Add/Remove Status Effects & Bug Fix
It is now possible to add or remove status effects from your character with the following script commands: "se+[status_id]" — Applies the status effect with the ID "status_id" to your character. Pretty much all status effects are server checked, although there were some cool exploits in the past, such as being able to change AST cards to whatever you wanted. "se-[status_id]" — Removes the status effect with the ID "status_id" from your character. This can …
Final Fantasy XIV Script Packet Reading Fix
An issue where enabling Read Packet Data (the checkbox) could result in Speeder not reading packet data correctly when first loaded has been fixed. I have also made a fishing bot video I will post soon. Download
Final Fantasy XIV New Fishing Script Commands
The following new script commands have been added: "get % fish [output]" — Populates the following variable: FISH (the size of your current or previous fish). "Output" can be "o" if you would like this data outputted to Speeder's log. The Read Packet Data checkbox must be checked for this command to work. "fish[size]" — If a fish is currently on the line, the rest of the command line will process. If "size" is specified, …
Final Fantasy XIV New Scripting Functionality Added
It is now possible to program your own scripts for combat, crafting, gathering, and more. The scripting language is in a very early stage, and many, many more commands will be added. That said, you should be able to create relatively powerful combat rotations simply by checking OGCD and GCD timers. Proc-based jobs will want to make use of the hotbar commands, and if you need to check for buffs/debuffs, you can do that as …
Final Fantasy XIV Address Update
Addresses have been updated for 6.48. I have also switched to a new packer that I use with other Speeders and that is stabler with the scripting functionality I am adding to the FFXIV Speeder, hence the increased size of the .exe. It is also more efficient and uses less CPU. Download

Final Fantasy XIV Cheat Additional Info

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) cheats and hacks were my first foray into the cheating scene. FFXIV is a great game to start with because it does not have an anticheat and has almost no server detection. What cheat detection FFXIV does have is disconnecting you in certain areas if it detects you are moving too quickly. Weirdly enough, this cheat detection does NOT exist in raids or most PvE content.

Moving on from movement speed hacking, teleporting is also possible. The FFXIV Speeder has special teleport code (originally designed for BDO) to safely move you from point A to B without moving too quickly and causing a DC. More advanced forms of “teleporting” are possible, such as the infamous casting movement speed hack, which allows you to cast while moving. Because much of FFXIV is movement-based, these cheats can be very useful.

The utility of combat hacks varies by job. You can greatly reduce your cast time with the FFXIV Speeder; thus, jobs with cast times will have an advantage over those who don’t. However, the target circle expansion cheat allows you to attack from farther than you should be able to, benefitting melees greatly as they will no longer need to lose precious GCDs. The target circle expansion hack also benefits every other job as well, but I have found it most useful on melee (though healer is a close second). The delay between oGCDs can be eliminated completely. This is what the XIVAlexander program tries to do (“without cheating,” so they claim). Unlike XIVAlexander, Speeder IS a cheat tool, so you are free to eliminate the delay completely if you so choose, and Speeder does not need to modify any network traffic to do so.

A large number of people use FFXIV Speeder solely for market board botting. At this point, FFXIV Speeder can basically do anything you want . . . adjust prices on all listed items with criteria for min price, max price, min quantity, max quantity, price adjustment, usage of Universalis, etc., etc. . . . list items from inventory/retainer, buy items from the market board, and even send webhooks to Google sheets to keep track of your items from afar. Please note all cheats are disabled by default, so if you only want to use the market board features, you will be able to do so.

I’ve barely even scratched the surface of what FFXIV Speeder can do (gathering speed hacks . . . crafting speed hacks . . . battle triggers . . . queuing macros . . . housing hacks). Please check the videos and the feature list.