Black Desert Online Waymark Improvements

New “keys” command has been added:

“rs[min],[max]” — Speeder will wait for a random time (in milliseconds) between [min] and [max]. For example, rs1000,10000 would wait for a random time between 1000 milliseconds and 10000. Good for avoiding bot detection.

A new setting called “variance” has been added to Speeder. This controls the randomization of waymark coordinates in an effort to mitigate bot detection. There are three places you can adjust this setting:
1) Line 88 in confit.txt.
2) Under a new [globals] section in your waymark file(s).
3) Inserting the “variance” key into an individual waymark.

#1 is a global variance setting that, if greater than 0, will randomize all your waymark coordinates. The higher the number, the greater the variance. The exact math is included in the updated BDO Speeder guide.

#2 is very similar to #1 but is included anywhere in your waymark file(s). It should be formatted as
with “10” being the variance you want.

#3 has highest priority and is included in an individual waymark:
wait time=##
with “10” being the variance you want.

Setting variance to 0 will disable it. This requires updating Speeder to version 45.


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