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Once you have purchased the cheat, the download link is present in the posts below:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
CPU: Any
Versions: All retail/official versions (NA/EU/KOR/SEA/SA/etc.), GamezBD, PrimeBD, Melissia, DreamBDO, and any private server running version 376350 of the game.

Teleport to waymarks, to crosshair, to coordinates, up/down, etc.
Hack movement speed
Hack attack speed
Hack mount/ship speed
Hack cooldowns (cooldowns will have their full effect; most timers cannot be hacked)
Hack max zoom distance
Freeze/remove all mobs

The Black Desert Online (BDO) cheat is completely undetected, and you will receive a unique/individual copy of the hack at no extra cost once you have set up your account. The cheat comes with a readme that explains how to configure it and safety instructions to ensure your usage of the hack is as secure as possible.

BDO Address Update
KOR: 422630 NA/EU/other: 422632 Download
BDO Auto-Potion
New lines in config.txt: 70) A number between 0 and 1 that …
BDO Address Update
Korean: 422113 NA/EU/other: 422115 Download
BDO Attack Animation Speed Keybinds Setting & -displayas Command
New setting in config.txt: 69) If 1, keybinds for the "attack animation …
BDO -cf Command & Important Attack Animation Speed Update
New console command: -cf configfilename.txt — Changes the active config file to …

Black Desert Online (BDO) Hacks, Cheats, & Bots